VHF Radio Transmitter

i-monitor VHF Radio Transmitter

The VHF transmitter is connected to the home/business alarm panel, panic / medical pack or guard monitoring unit and communicates to a security control room to indicate the status of the system.

When an alarm activation occurs, the activation is transferred to the VHF transmitter via individual input triggers or a multi-data connection. This ensures easy connection to all types and manufacturers of alarm panels.

The alarm activation data is encrypted by the transmitter and sent via VHF frequency to the Decoder at the security control room.

Pathfinder technology coupled with the super fast coding ensures that the signal sent is delivered to the control room using the shortest possible route.

The VHF burglar alarm reporting transmitter is programmable to allow for flexible connection to a variety of alarm panels and reporting of 9 linked triggers. More importantly it reports power-up, battery low/restore, battery over-voltage and mains fail/restore information to ensure complete AC power and battery status management of the alarm system.

The coding format includes error detection to ensure accurate and valid reported signals.

A programmable auto-test timer may be set to report the status of the alarm system from 1 hour up to 10 days.

All transmissions are sent with random time differences to ensure maximum use of the airtime available. All 9 inputs memorized when triggered and sent in priority order to the monitoring station.

Inputs may be set for positive or negative active trigger status.

An optional dipole antenna is also avalible.