PTT96 Two way radio

FeaturesSS96 - iMonitor.png

  • NFC tagging and tracking

The build in NFC can be used in the various scenes, such as staff going out to work, work attendance, patrolling and other scenes. There are two ways to conduct patrol:

  1. NFC Verification,
  2. GPS Position patrol
  • Voice recording

All communication is recorded on the platform and availible for instant replay. Recordings remain available for a month and can be easily down loaded to customer server for storage.

  • Global positioning system

The PTT96 offers GPS tracking via the dispatch station software, showing speed, distance travelled and time.

  • Dispatcher

The platform offers dispatcher software that allows the customer to be in control of their own network.

  • Send messages

SOS emergency broadcast to dispatch platform and all fleet users.

  • Stun function

The operator can stun a radio should the radio be stolen, lost or abused. The radio can be reactivated by the controller.

  • Unlimited coverage

Utilizing existing GSM networks, the PTT96 offers unlimited coverage.

  • 220Grams
  • 33mm (H) x 56mm (W) x 106mm (L)
  • Battery 3000mAh / 5000mAh (Optional)
Discription Cost Excl
Once Off  
PTT96 Radio (Per unit) R1995.00
Patrol tags Each R45.00
Monthly Contract  
Monthly network with unlimited airtime R195.00 each
Monthly network & guard patrol with unlimited airtime R250.00 each
  R250.00 or R195.00
TOTAL R2290.00