Dual Base Control Room Setup

R657.09R19,620.00 excl VAT

This is only available in South Africa.


  • Dual Base stations (VHF and GSM),
  • Antennas with 20M cable,
  • Software and encryption dongle.
    Setup and training will be done via the internet.


For a startup business, we recommend at least one of each Radio transmitter for testing purposes.

R19,620.00 excl VAT
R657.09 excl VAT
R919.17 excl VAT
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Start your own security armed response business today.

The i-Monitor Dual control room setup kits are compact self-contained standalone units, monitoring transmitters over long ranges (VHF ±30 km depending on terrain) and (GSM nation wide).


An alarm activation notification, is received by an unlimited number of listed members.  The detailed information is displayed on the computer, including the owners’ details, address and alarm response instructions.



  • User friendly operation
  • No limit on amount of clients
  • Software Encryption
  • Zones/Users labels
  • Disaster Mode
  • Full Audit Trail
  • Electronic Occurrence Book
  • Full history reports

Base Station

  • Self-contained unit with battery backup and charger.
  • Encrypted coding format allows for secure data transmission.
  • Internal programmable real time clock and calendar.
  • USB and programmable RS232 port.
  • External buzzer output with remote reset input.
  • Mains fail status LED with Mains fail / restore reporting.
  • Auto test for decoders and repeaters.
  • Up to 30 VHF repeaters can be on one system to provide extra range.
  • Manufactured with the latest surface mount technology.


Download and sign the contract (pdf will be available after perches). Send the signed contract back, with a copy of your ID or business registration no. Once all documents are received, we can register for ICASA, GSM network license and software. Please note that the ICASA registration takes up to 5-7 working days for approval. NOTE: We can't process your order, without the necessary signed documents.

  1. Sign Contract and send it back to us to start the proses.
  2. Once received, we register for ICASA, GSM network license and software. (ICASA 5-7 Work days)
  3. Program Base station with approved ICASA license.
  4. Sending your stock. (As per your courier selection)
DescriptionCost excl vat
Once Off
Dual Base Control room start-up kit priceR 17 800.00
R17 800.00 
Monthly contract
Rental of frequency, network, ICASA license and softwareR 1 820.00
R1 820.00
TOTALR19 620.00
(Optional) SMS messenger Module to add to softwareNeed more information?

Please note this is excluding the courier fees

Additional information

Weight5 kg
Dimensions970 × 700 × 240 cm